The Getaway


Lunea has been designed to serve as a peaceful haven where you can relax and unwind, whilst providing all the comforts of a home. Along with all the standard features, the Apartment offers:

blue car      aircon c      washing machine         wifi      tv color      Untitled

  • Free parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Washing machine
  • Free WiFi
  • TV
  • Balcony with a sea view

It is fitted with a fully equipped kitchen, including a wide range of appliances. Clean towels, hair-dryer, iron and basic toiletries are also provided.
If you make a booking we will email you a PDF document with a detailed description of what what exactly you can find and where.

There is a big supermarket close to the Main Bus Station (~1 km distance) and a lovely local restaurant/cafe is just a 5 min stroll down the street (close to the local bus stop).

In terms of transportation a car is useful if you want to visit places near Dubrovnik, but it isn’t very practical in the city, especially during the summer months when there is additional traffic and the streets get quite crowded. Parking spaces are very hard to come by, especially affordable ones. We recommend using public transportation or renting a scooter. Local buses (1A and 1B) run from Sustjepan to the city on average every 10-15 mins. You can find their timetable here. The Old Town (Pile gate) is the last bus stop, if you look at the timetable it only shows times the bus leaves from Mokosica (the first stop), bear in mind it takes buses about 10-15 mins to get to Sustjepan from there and it takes about 15 mins to get to the Old Town from Sustjepan, depending on traffic. For going back to the Apartment you should take the bus from the same stop at Pile, as listed in the timetable. You can buy tickets on the bus, although it’s slightly cheaper to buy them at a kiosk. The official Libertas (bus company) ticket booths (at the Main Bus Station and Pile gate) also provide tickets that can be used for 20 rides, which is even cheaper/per ride.


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